amazing ice and rock tours

As an alpinist you will find perfect conditions around Chamanna Coaz. Being on a trip on the glacier or a tour on rocks and ice, your dreams will come true. If the way is much more important to you than the summit, you will discover the Bernina mountains in many different ways.


Il Chapütschin (3387)

N-ridge (WS), 3 h from Chamanna Coaz
SW-ridge (WS), 3 h from Chamanna Coaz
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La Muongia (3415)

N-face (ZS), 4 h from Chamanna Coaz
SE-ridge (ZS), 4 h from Chamanna Coaz
N-side (ZS) to Fuorcla Glüschaint 3.5 from Chamanna Coaz
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Piz Glüschaint (3593)

NE-face (ZS), 5-6 h from Chamanna Coaz
SW-ridge (ZS, III), 5-6 h from Chamanna Coaz
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La Sella (3584, 3564)

N-face (ZS, III), 4-5 h from Chamanna Coaz
traversation of both summits (ZS, III), 0.5 h
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Il Dschimels (3508, 3479)

E-ridge and N-face (ZS), 5-6 h from Chamanna Coaz
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Piz Roseg (3937)

SW-face from Vadret da la Sella (ZS), 6.5 from Chamanna Coaz
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to the Rifugio Marco e Rosa

via Fuorcla da la Sella (3269 m) (ZS), 6-7 from Chamanna Coaz
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to the Rifugio Marinelli

via Fuorcla da la Sella (3269 m) (ZS), 6 h from Chamanna Coaz
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Explanation levels of difficulty:
L = easy (lowest level for glacier trips)
WS = not much difficult
ZS = quite difficult
S = difficult
SS = very difficult
AS = extraordinarily difficult
EX = extremely diffidult
Level of difficulties with climbing routes according to official UIAA-Skala:
I – VI; prerequisites for all trips: good alpinist (BG)
For further information: SAC guide volume 5, Bündner Alpen – Bernina.
Don‘t hesitate to contact us (via phone or e-mail) for detailed information about the current situation.
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