Eat & Drink

savoring on 2600 m

Cold and warm dishes for lunch

With pleasure we offer you something delicious, for example a freshly cooked barley soup or a Coaz rösti with egg, ham and cheese - a real culinary delight.

As well tempting is our "Zvieri-Plättli Roseg" with Bündnerfleisch (dried meat), salami, local cheese and swiss stone pine cheese, being for a complete meal or just to accompany a drink - it always suits perfectly.

Sweet and tempting

With passion we bake sweet seducers for you, for example the popular Linzer cake, the luscious chocolate cake or the Engadine nut cake. They are simply irresistible. 


Cold and warm drinks

Besides the different soda waters and soft drinks (sparkling water, apple shorley, Rivella or Coke) we recommend our homemade ice tea with alpine herbs. You prefers a beer, we love the local Gletscherbier brewed in Pontresina. Even friends of wine will find their favourite drink thanks to our selection of white and red wines.

Tasteful tea - peppermint, fruit or alpine herbs - being a cup or a litre - these harmonic tea composition will thrill you. 

For coffee fans we offer many variations being a small espresso, a seductive cappuccino or a irresistable café Coaz.

Iva - our own schnaps

Just try this schnaps It is produced with passion and natural ingredients, which ones in detail is our little secret. This specialty is served in a mini caquelon. Furthermore, it's available in a little bottle - a perfect gift for those waiting at home.