what happened so far

1877 - 1925
Chamanna Mortèl
small stone hut, place for 10 pers. surface area 17.5 sq.m, interior height 2.40 m

approx. 1920
ownership changed from SAC section Bernina to section Rätia

Chamanna Coaz I, 2385 m / 7824 feet
place for 30 persons, 2 levels, surface area 89 sq.m, interior height 2.10 m. costs for new construction CHF 42‘000, illumination with gas lamps;
named after the conqueror (1850) of Piz Bernina Johann Coaz (1822 – 1918)

Construction of a phone line

construction of a winter room, therefore plus 35 places, costs CHF 31‘000

for the first time ground movements were recognized, caused by the withdrawing glaciers

ab 1959
hut manager: family Clavadetscher

construction of Chamanna Coaz II, 2610 m / 8563 feet
architect: Jakob Eschenmoser;
construction with sleeping places in trapezoid form, 3 levels, surface area 173.5 sq.m, interior height 2.10 m, costs CHF 206‘000, illumination with gas lamps, phone via FM, demolition of Chamanna Coaz I
Inauguration speech of the architect: "Some people may be surprised by the special form of this hut. What you can see today, is the result of our intention to build a hut just for this place and this purpose. Perhaps the compact form of the new hut derives from the wish to create a symbol not only for the visitors' feeling of security and well-being but as well for the modest dimension. We wanted to build a hut that will remain a hut."


extension of Chamanna Coaz II,
architect: Jakob Eschenmoser, additional building with 2 levels, costs CHF 422‘000, electric illumination by solar panels on the roof

from 2000 on
hut manager: Alois Kunfermann

renovation of the kitchen

from 2003 onwards
installation of outdoor climbing zones

until 2007
continuously improvement of the hiking pathes and bridges.

from 2017 on
hut manager: Ruedi and Ursula Schranz

additional solar panels

renovation of the water tubes