with heart, soul and passion

Ruedi Schranz - guardian

Serving warm meals on really hot dishes is very important to him. Of course, he cooks on the wood ofen as often as possible. Talking to the guests is as well an essential part in his job. During his leisure he loves to look around with the binoculars, so he always knows what's happening around the hut.


Ursula Schranz - guardian

As an enthusiasctic mountaineer, a very personal service, a generous room disposition and current information on the many activities around the hut, are very important to her. And she loves to serve on of the home made cake at any time. If she's not working, she spends her time discovering the wonderful nature around the hut - for example with a hiking trip on the Piz dal Lej Alv


Priscilla Nussbaumer - Assistent (summer)

Travelling is her passion, she's always on the trip to discover new country and meet other people. Nevertheless, she always comes back to the Coaz hut, a special place is her lake, the "Lej Priscilla". With pleasure she fulfills even extraordinary desires. And she loves to try new creations - haute cuisine à la Coaz.


In peak times our team is completed by some angels helping where and when help is needed. We are very grateful that we can always count on them.